The Abbey church

As the very centre of the monastery, spiritual and art historical, the abbey church  can  be seen as one of the extraordinary sights of Baden-Württemberg, and it is a monument of German national importance.

The famous baroque architect Balthasar Neumann (e.g. Würzburg residence, Vierzehnheiligen pilgrimage church)drafted the plans. In 1750 the construction was started, but only  in 1792 the building could be consecrated. In 1966 the domes had become in danger of collapse, and the building had to be closed. During a nine years lasting restoration this wonderful work of faith and art could be saved and conserved for future generations, reopend in 1975.

Since then many thousands of visitors have been deeply impressed every year by of the light and wide interior of the abbey church with its brightly shining frescoes painted by Martin Knoller (e.g. Ettal Abbey, Muri-Gries Abbey). Listening to the baroque sound of the organ of Johann Nepomuk Holzhay (e.g. Obermarchtal Canonry) completes the outstanding experience of your visit.

Patron Saints of the abbey are Saint Ulrich, bishop of  Augsburg († 973) and Saint Afra, virgin and martyr († 304).

© 2014 Andreas Kohler & Ralf Nuding GbR