In the name of The Lord, we greet you at Neresheim Abbey.

The Conventual Prior Father Albert, O.S.B., with The Benedictine monastic Community of Neresheim Abbey, joined by the staff of the abbey’s companies, invite you to meet past and present of our monastery, and they are looking forward to your visit here at the Abbey.

Neresheim abbey, founded in 1095, settled by monks in 1106, closed by state authorities in 1802, resettled by monks from Beuron Archabbey and Emaus Abbey, Prague, in 1919, at present is part of the Benedictine congregation of Beuron, and is situated in the roman catholic diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

The city of Neresheim is a small town in southwestern Germany, situated in a beautiful rural countryside, in the eastern part of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

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